Magical Hydrangeas

Fabulous bloomers for your garden

There’s a party happening in your garden from spring onwards - at least there is if it contains the pink, red or blue globes of the Magical garden hydrangeas. These enchanting plants change colour to a fabulous dark red within a few months. Meet the Magical Amethyst and Magical Jewel.

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Four perfect additions to your balcony or patio

Need colour and grace on your balcony or patio? Look no further. With Magical Evolution or Jewel you have found your ideal balcony/patio hydrangeas. Magical Evolution and Jewel are incredibly tough. With a bit of love and care they can bloom on your balcony or patio for at least six months.

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Indoor hydrangeas: Magical, the rewarding hydrangea for the home

More than 150 days of flowering - that's what a Magical Revolution indoor hydrangea brings to your home. Add to that the health benefits of this plant and you can be sure that this hydrangea is your ideal companion. Incidentally, did you know that the hydrangea also symbolises grace and beauty? Those are definitely characteristics that should feature in any home!

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