Magical Flowertree indoor hydrangea

A pink or blue flowering indoor tree

Magical Flowertree indoor hydrangea

A stem of colourful magic

Magical Flowertree is an indoor hydrangea on a stem and is about 40 centimetres high. The flowering tree captivates with flowers that slowly transform in sunlight to a dark green colour with a red edge. 

Available colours



  • Changes colour to dark green with a red edge
  • Hydrangea has a nice compact shape
  • Lots of small flowers per umbel
  • Exceptional quality, stays beautiful for 150 days
  • Available in a 14 cm pot

Indoor hydrangea

This hydrangea feels at home indoors.


Choose a light spot, but preferably not in direct sunlight. 


Between 16 and 23 °C is ideal.


Give a little pot plant food every other week.