Magical Opal Flowertree garden hydrangea

Hydrangea on a stem, beautiful petals, long flowering

Magical Opal Flowertree garden hydrangea

Feel connected with nature

This garden hydrangea flowers on a stem. The plant magically changes colour during the season. If you give it some love and attention, nature will change its colour from pink or lilac into soft green.

Available colours



  • Flowers change to a soft green colour
  • Strong garden hydrangea, good tolerance to sun and rain
  • Flowering tree is 120 cm high
  • Excellent quality
  • Available in 5 litre pot

Garden hydrangeas

This robust garden plant flowers beautifully with very little care.


The Magical garden hydrangea thrives best in half sun/half shade. 


Give a little pot plant food every other week.


After the winter, only remove the old flowers.