Magical Green Delight garden hydrangea

For those who can't get enough of green

Magical Green Delight garden hydrangea

Modest-sized evergreen

The flowers of the Magical Green Delight are green and remain green, with a pink heart. During the flowering period, the shade changes from soft to dark green creating a calm, subtle effect.

Available colours



  • Green flowers with pink heart
  • Hydrangea flowers change from light green to dark green
  • Robust and good tolerance to direct sunlight, rain and frost
  • Exceptional quality, flowers until the frost
  • Available in 5 litre pot

Garden hydrangeas

This robust garden plant flowers beautifully with very little care.


This Magical garden hydrangea can be in direct sunlight all day. 


The plant is winter hardy but protect it with a fleece cloth in severe frost. 


Can grow to a meter high.


Give the garden hydrangea fertiliser 3 to 4 times during the flowering season. 


After the winter, only remove the old flowers.