Indoor hydrangeas: Magical, the rewarding hydrangea for the home

More than 150 days of flowering - that's what a Magical Revolution indoor hydrangea brings to your home. Add to that the health benefits of this plant and you can be sure that this hydrangea is your ideal companion. Incidentally, did you know that the hydrangea also symbolises grace and beauty? Those are definitely characteristics that should feature in any home!

Globes full of surprises

The Magical Revolution indoor hydrangea’s generous globes packed with flowers work well in any interior. It’s just a question of how you style the plant. The hydrangea comes in a soft shade of blue and pink with ingenious, almost folded flowers. And because the plant blooms generously from the beginning of March, you can enjoy it for 150 days. That means six months of blooming flowers! Through to autumn Magical also provides moments of surprise by changing colour up to three times, ending up green and red. Is that really the same plant?

Healthy plant in your home

You probably already know that houseplants have a positive effect on the climate in your home. The Magical hydrangea improves humidity indoors, as the water taken up through the roots is evaporated into the air by the leaves. The hydrangea does this enthusiastically, making it one of the few houseplants that makes a real contribution to humidity in the home - and hence to your health and energy!

A Magical to suit every taste

If you have a busy life and forget about the watering can from time to time, the Revolution is perfect for you. This Magical hydrangea needs less water than other varieties. If you need some height, opt for the Flowertree variant. This is a standard (meaning that it has a bare stem), so it stands head and shoulders above everything. Both the Revolution and the Flowertree indoor hydrangeas come in blue or pink, and have magical colour-changing skills. They also come in various pot sizes, from 10.5 cm to 14 cm.

How to look after your indoor hydrangea

An indoor hydrangea prefers a light spot, but not in full sun. All that is needed in order
to be able to enjoy this remarkable hydrangea for a long time is enough water and love. A moderately damp soil is sufficient. If your hydrangea’s globes are drooping, a good drink of water will do wonders. For extra long flowering add plant food to the water once a fortnight. Check out all the care tips here: