Four perfect additions to your balcony or patio

Need colour and grace on your balcony or patio? Look no further. With Magical Evolution or Jewel you have found your ideal balcony/patio hydrangeas.

Four perfect additions to your balcony or patio

Amazing colour transformation

Magical Evolution and Jewel are incredibly tough. With a bit of love and care they can bloom on your balcony or patio for at least six months. These powerhouses come in pink and blue, but that’s only the start. These two balcony/patio hydrangeas flower for so long that they change colour three times. That means you can keeping enjoying surprises on your balcony or patio until well into the autumn. What started as pink or blue changes into romantic shades of dark red. Hello autumn!

From tall to compact

If you’ve got a small balcony or patio the compact Magical Jewel is an ideal hydrangea. The plant has the characteristic rich, voluptuous look without taking up too much room. The blue or pink flowers have green accents and change colour to green and ultimately a deep red. Whereas Evolution has intense, evenly coloured pink or blue flowers that are slightly larger than other hydrangeas. This hydrangea prefers a bit more space so that its sea of flowers has room to shine. Both Evolution and Jewel are also decked out with beautiful sturdy green leaves.

Where to place them

Firstly: the lighter the position, the stronger the colour change. So there’s scope to play with this a bit. It’s important to plant the hydrangea in a spacious pot. Place a layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot, or make sure that there's a hole in the base.  That will allow surplus water to drain away. Then add special hydrangea soil, plant the hydrangea in the pot and press the soil down firmly. Water straight away so that the roots can develop well.

Care tips

Caring for hydrangeas particularly involves watering them regularly. If the soil feels slightly damp, the plant has enough water. To keep Magical hydrangeas strong and healthy you should also give plant food two or three times during the flowering period. The hydrangeas can cope well with winter cold, and can therefore be left outdoors all year round. If the winter is particularly harsh you could cover the hydrangea with fleece. Check out all the care tips. Keep an eye on your smallest Magical in early spring if it’s cold or in the event of bright sunshine. It has just come out of the greenhouse, and is not yet accustomed to significant temperature fluctuations.