Garden hydrangea

Magical Hydrangeas are not afraid of water

Water the Magical garden hydrangea regularly especially during warm periods, for hydrangeas in a pot as well as in the ground. It’s best to give your garden hydrangea plenty of water a few days a week, rather than a little every day. Keep the flowers dry and make sure that the soil is well drained.

Garden hydrangeas such as Magical Jewel or Amethyst and balcony and terrace hydrangeas such as Magical Evolution and Jewel love water. Moisture evaporates from their leaves and flowers, and that moisture needs to be replenished. They can get moisture from rainwater, but it is not enough. Much of the water remains on the flowers and leaves. Give your Magical Hydrangea extra water, especially on hot or windy days. Hydrangeas in pots and tubs also need extra moisture. Make sure you water the soil under the plant a few times a week and try to keep the flowers dry. If the flowers are looking a bit limp, then it is high time to get the watering can out.