Garden hydrangea

How to repot a Magical garden hydrangea

Repotting garden hydrangeas is best done in the spring. Sometimes the pot will become too small in relation to the plant; the pot will then be full of roots and the soil will not be able to absorb any more moisture. It’s high time to put the hydrangea in a larger pot.

A Magical Amethyst or Jewel grows fast when it feels at home. This is not only true for the eye-catching top half of the hydrangea, but also for the roots. Your hydrangea will be in trouble if it runs out of room. Time to repot! In practice, you should do this every three to five years, preferably in March/April or September/October.

  • Carefully take the plant out of the pot and remove as much soil as possible from between the roots.
  • Then put the hydrangea in a larger pot or tub filled with a layer of hydro pellets and fresh potting soil, full of nutrients.
  • When repotting balcony or garden hydrangeas, always make sure that there are holes in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can drain away.
  • Press the soil firmly and water the Magical hydrangea thoroughly.

Your plant will have everything it needs to continue to grow, flower and change colour.

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How to repot a Magical garden hydrangea