How do I protect my garden hydrangea against frost?

Garden hydrangea

How do I protect my garden hydrangea against frost?

With Magical hydrangeas you can experience the natural beauty of the seasons every day. In the winter too! Luckily, hydrangeas can tolerate some cold and are frost resistant due to their origins in Asia. But beware of severe (night) frost. Hydrangeas can survive the frost, but the buds can be damaged. And that would be a shame.

Cover your garden hydrangea if frost is expected at night

In case of severe night frost, for example if the temperature reaches -10 °C, it's best to cover garden hydrangeas with a fleece cloth. This will prevent air moving through the branches and keep the temperature more constant.  This is particularly effective for plants that are in the ground. 

Or move your hydrangea indoors when it's frosty

Is your hydrangea in a pot on the terrace and are frosty conditions expected? Then you can also move the plant inside, preferably to a dark cool room such as a cellar or shed. Remove the leaves and flowers from the plant. The hydrangea will now be in a resting state and you can leave it without watering it. 

And after the frost?

Once you've moved the hydrangea inside, leave it there until March. After the frost period has passed, you can put the plant outside again. In the spring, new leaves and flowers will appear and your Magical garden hydrangea will flower once again.

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How do I protect my garden hydrangea against frost?