Garden hydrangea

Extra nutrients for your Magical Hydrangea

In addition to plenty of water, garden hydrangeas also need extra fertiliser. You can use an organic, all-purpose fertiliser, about three to four times during the flowering season. Doing this will help the hydrangea to grow into a healthy, uniformly growing and flowering plant.

A Magical garden hydrangea, such as the Amethyst and the Jewel, will flower for 150 days and changes colour three or four times during this time. The flowers transform from pink, red or blue into a deep shade of red. A top performance! Take good care of the plant by giving it plenty of water as well as organic fertiliser. This contains nutrients to help the hydrangea grow and flower. Most fertilisers work for about three months. Add fertiliser to the soil around the plant in the spring.  March or April is a good time to do this for the hydrangea to get the most benefit from the extra nutrition.