Do I need to prune my Magical garden hydrangea?

Garden hydrangea

Do I need to prune my Magical garden hydrangea?

We hear this question a lot. But pruning a Magical Hydrangea is not necessary. You can simply cut off the old flowers. Cut off the flower directly under the head making sure the new buds are damaged as little as possible. The buds for the new year are always on the top of a plant and are ready to come into full bloom.

The best time to remove old flowers

The end of March is the best time to cut off old flowers. Cut off the old flowers as close as possible, just above the new buds. The faded flowers have served as protection for the new buds all this time. If you cut off the flowers in winter, you run the risk that the top of the stem will freeze, including the new buds. 

Thinning out a Magical hydrangea 

Is your Magical garden hydrangea too bushy? Then you can thin out the hydrangea a little. Cut off some of the long stems to just above the ground. You won't get any flowers from the shoots on these stems this year because hydrangeas only flower on older wood. Make sure you leave some older branches in place, and these branches will be the ones that flower. Now they'll have a bit more room to flourish.

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