Your Magical indoor hydrangea loves water

The Magical hydrangea likes moist soil, but make sure you don't get the flowers wet when watering. Immerse the hydrangea regularly (once a week) for an extra treat. Don't overwater the plant, as the roots may die if there is water remaining in the pot or dish. The flowers and leaves will start to hang limply, just like they do when the soil is too dry.

Indoor hydrangeas love water, so give the plant a generous dose several times a week. If the potting compost feels slightly moist, all will be well. Is your Magical looking a bit thirsty? Immerse the plant in a bucket of water, and it will soon perk up again. But as with most things, do it in moderation. Don’t overwater the plant as this will cause the roots to rot. Watering several times a week is ideal and check that there is no water left in the pot. You’ll soon get to know how much water your Magical needs.