What is the ideal place in the house for a Magical Hydrangea?

Magical indoor hydrangeas prefer to be in a light place. You’ll see the colour change at its best in a bright place, for example on the windowsill. Be careful of direct sunlight, because this will cause the plant to dry out quickly and the flowers and leaves can burn.

Indoor hydrangeas like to be in a light place but not in direct sunlight. The plant can't handle too much sun. On an east-facing windowsill is fine. In the summer, you can move the hydrangea away from the window on the sunny side of the house. That will keep the Magical in tip-top condition so it can flower and change colour for 150 days. Fun fact: the lighter the indoor hydrangea, the more its petals will transform into green and finally a red hue. In winter, it's best to move an indoor hydrangea away from the central heating. This can quickly dry out the soil. Also, like all indoor plants, it is not a fan of draughts.