The ideal time to plant a Magical Hydrangea

The best time to plant most garden plants is in the spring. The plants are in their prime and therefore grow easily. However, you can plant garden hydrangeas from pots all year round. The Magical garden hydrangea comes into its own in a shady and slightly warm place.

Although March and April are known as the ideal months for planting, you can easily plant a Magical hydrangea in the late summer. The soil is still fairly warm which makes planting easy. And this is the time when the plant is resting. Place the hydrangea, including the pot, in a bowl of water until the roots are well saturated. Start digging the planting hole while you are waiting. Do you have clay soil in your garden? Mix some acidic potting soil or multipurpose compost with peat moss into the soil in the planting hole. Put the hydrangea in the hole, fill it with potting compost and water thoroughly. Do not plant a garden hydrangea too close to a tree. Tree roots are dominant, so this will make it harder for the hydrangea to get the nutrients it needs.

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