The marketing team behind Magical Hydrangeas

Meet the grower

The marketing team behind Magical Hydrangeas

Kolster B.V. and Horteve are the breeders behind Magical Hydrangeas. Our hydrangeas are also supported by a dedicated marketing and sales team. This team keeps the Magical Hydrangea top of mind with consumers, trade partners and retailers throughout Europe. We do that online and offline, from eye-catching point-of-sale material for garden centres through to inspirational social media posts.

Collaboration with growers

We work closely with our international growers. They are proud ambassadors for the Magical brand, and we draw up an annual marketing activities plan together. In that way we generate brand awareness throughout Europe and we are visible on the shopfloor. This ranges from shopfloor promotion (the ‘Magical Express’ for in-store promotions) through the packaging, photography, trade fair attendance and sales using e-commerce to the social media campaigns. The marketing company operates on the basis of a strategic plan, and that leads to year plans that we submit to the entire international group annually.

Introducing: team Magical Hydrangea

But who is in the Magical team? Matthieu Eveleens is the breeder, Wouter den Hollander is responsible for sales on behalf of Kolster, Sandra Vijverberg - van der Knaap (marketing manager HOKO), Marleen van Arendonk (brandmanager Magical Hydrangea) and Lisa van der Werf (office manager) are responsible for the marketing. Together this team ensure that the passion behind the Magical Hydrangea blooms in European living rooms, on balconies and in gardens.

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