Norwegian grower Helene: "There’s something special about the Magical Revolution"

Meet the grower

Norwegian grower Helene: "There’s something special about the Magical Revolution"

As we often see with nurseries, Kristiansen Gartneri is a family business. Helene explains: "My grandparents started this nursery together in 1952. It is located in Grimstad, the south of Norway. Grimstad is the city with the most hours of sunshine in Norway. It started with vegetables in bench windows and on the fields and then later with flowers in a small greenhouse. Nowadays it has grown into this nursery with 12 hectares of land since my father took over in 1989. We grow young plants for spring flowers, our main crops are Osteospermum, Argyranthemum, green plants, Poinsettias and Hydrangeas of course.

Magicals for indoor and outdoor use

Helene continues: "Magical Hydrangeas have more and smaller flowers than ordinary Hydrangeas. They also require less care than other Hydrangeas, because they’re incredibly strong. The Magical Revolution is a particular favourite in Norway, but also of mine. I am a big fan of the Revolution: there's something special and luxurious about this plant's flower, a certain crispness. This particular plant and its colour perfectly suits the Scandinavian pastel palette. For the garden we also grow the Magical Amethyst and Coral for a bit more colour and of course because of the quality and the colour change. But the Revolution is definitely the most popular one for now."

Magicals for the whole of Norway

Are these Magicals all heading towards Norwegian houses and gardens? Helene: “We grow both indoor and outdoor Magicals for the whole of Norway. We have been doing so since around 2015/2016. Our sales market is 100% Norwegian, selling through garden centres and flower shops. In the low season there are 16 of us working here at the nursery, but in the high season there will be around 60 people.”

At the nursery even as a child

And Helene herself? "I have three sisters, but I am the only one who wanted to join the family business. I have been coming here ever since I was a child, together with my grandmother. After school, in holidays and on days off, I worked at the nursery. I studied Economics, International Business & Marketing which has been useful in my work and I have been working full-time at the nursery ever since.” Is there still time for fun things besides work? Helen laughs. "I don't have time for hobbies - plants are my hobby! We’re busy here, but pleasantly busy."