New: Flamed garden hydrangea


New: Flamed garden hydrangea

Magical Hydrangeas are color-changing hydrangeas. When the buds open, they are still fresh green, and during the blooming season, the flowers change color. The color transition varies per type, but in autumn, the hydrangeas turn a deep green. In 2024, Magical presents a new garden hydrangea: Greenfire.

Flamed flowers

You can recognize the new garden hydrangea 'Magical Greenfire' by the flame-shaped pattern on the green petals. It's either fiery red (Greenfire Red) or fiery purple (Greenfire Purple). The petals gradually develop a warmer glow during the blooming period, and in autumn, the flowers become dark green. Changing flower color, as with Greenfire, is a characteristic of Magical hydrangeas. It's a natural process that becomes stronger with more light exposure. Like all other Magical varieties, Greenfire is incredibly strong. The sturdy stems remain upright even during heavy rain, and although garden hydrangeas prefer semi-shade, Magical varieties also thrive in sunny locations. These plants are suitable for borders as well as pots on balconies and terraces.
Magical indoors

There are also Magical hydrangeas for indoors. They are remarkably robust and bloom continuously for about 150 days. Just like with garden plants, the flowers exhibit a color transition during the blooming period. When you place the indoor hydrangea in a spot with plenty of daylight (but not direct sunlight), the color effect is the strongest. One striking appearance is the 'Magical Flowertree': an indoor hydrangea on a stem.


Caring for Magical hydrangeas (indoors and outdoors) is simple. Give them regular water and treat them with nourishment to keep the plants healthy and robust. For more tips, visit our care page