Magical Hydrangeas will colour your autumn deep red


Magical Hydrangeas will colour your autumn deep red

Nature lets it magic sparkles in autumn too. This is the season when your Magical Hydrangea will be full of colour once more. Even though your garden hydrangea has already changed colour two or three times in recent months, the biggest transformation takes place in autumn.

Red, redder, reddest

In September and October, you can see it happening on your terrace and in the garden: the hydrangeas that were blue or pink in the summer are undergoing a major metamorphosis. Slowly the flowers of the plant turn a deep red, just like your cheeks after a long autumnal walk or the apples in your fruit bowl.

Sunlight and cold

This is exactly what makes a Magical Hydrangea so special in the autumn. The colour change is spectacular, and you don't have to do anything! Sunlight and lower temperatures create the dark red shades. The colour change continues until the first night frost, after which time your plant will rest and wait for spring.

Which hydrangeas turn red?

Pink, blue, white or green: you will find all these colours in the Magical Hydrangea range. Colours that also change three to four times, every flowering season. If you are wondering which hydrangeas give that red glow in the autumn, here they are:

These are for sale from March to October, also in your area.