Magical hydrangeas colour Lodewijk’s Dream Gardens


Magical hydrangeas colour Lodewijk’s Dream Gardens

To draw extra attention to the high quality, long flowering time and special play of colours of Magical hydrangeas, the plants can be seen in August in the new TV program Lodewijk’s Dream Gardens on RTL4.

Presenter Lodewijk Hoekstra will create a villa garden of no less than 1,900 square meters. Use is made of high-quality and sustainably produced materials. Sandra Vijverberg, marketing manager of Magical Hydrangea: “We immediately agreed when we heard Lodewijk’s plans. Our hydrangeas should not be missing in a dream garden. We selected two types: Magical Jewel and Magical Revolution.”

Garden and terrace

Magic Jewel is given a place in the borders of the villa gardens. It is the newest plant in the Magical collection. Although the flowers of the Jewel look delicate, they are very strong, resistant to bright sunlight and they remain beautiful until autumn. Due to the sturdy stems, the plant will also not droop during heavy rain showers. Vijverberg: “At the time of the shooting, the flowers were green. That is their starting colour, because under the influence of sunlight they turn pink and in autumn deep red forms the final chord of the play of colours that is so characteristic of our hydrangeas.” Large pots planted with hydrangeas are also on the luxurious terrace. Vijverberg: “Although all our plants remain strong, beautiful and compact, this is even more true of the Magical Revolution. Because these hydrangeas grow to a maximum height of 80 cm, they are particularly suitable for use in pots on the terrace. Of course this type of flowers also has the characteristic play of colours.”

Long shelf-life

Growers of Magical supply the garden plants up to and including week 37 to wholesalers, garden centres and web stores. Vijverberg: “Consumers can also very well plant our hydrangeas in their garden in late summer. The plant continues to flower until the first frost. Often well into November. Magical Jewel won the Royal Floraholland shelf-life test for good reason. Other Magical hydrangea varieties had already previously been distinguished with prizes and honourable mentions!” In addition to garden hydrangeas, there are also indoor hydrangeas from Magical. These are delivered up to and including week 40.

Magical hydrangeas can be seen in Lodewijk’s Dream garden on Sunday 15 and 22 August at 17.30 on RTL4.