Magical garden hydrangea wins prize for lifespan


Magical garden hydrangea wins prize for lifespan

We already knew that Magical hydrangeas are really tough. So tough in fact, that we've won a prize for it.

Our Magical garden hydrangea Evolution is the happy winner of the Royal FloraHolland Lifespan Benchmark. The plant was grown by De Jong Plant bv, one of our Magical growers. ‘Their’ garden hydrangea achieve the highest lifespan rating, namely 7.4.

Radiant throughout a hot summer

The jury judged the plants last summer. The hydrangeas were placed outdoors, on very hot sunny days. So the FloraHolland staff in the test area had to do plenty of watering. Sandra Vijverberg-van der Knaap of Magical Hydrangea says: “These were challenging weather conditions for flowering plants. So we’re all the more proud that the Magical hydrangea passed this ultimate test with flying colours.”

How the plant was tested

The jury assessed the plants, which were placed outdoors, once a week. They did this for six weeks. They judged how good the flowers and leaves looked, amongst other things. The longer they looked fresh, the better the plant’s lifespan. The jury described it as an attractive plant that changes colour well and has attractive fresh green foliage. They also noted that despite the weather conditions, the plant still produced fresh new pure flowers. Yet more proof that a Magical lets you to bring the magic of nature into your garden for an exceptionally long time.