Introduction: grower Baum from Germany

Meet the grower

Introduction: grower Baum from Germany

Baum Gartenbau is located south of Düsseldorf, in an area which has traditionally seen a lot of market gardening. There we met Bernd Grebenstein, who is responsible for the planning and production of Magical hydrangeas.

35 football pitches of plants

The Baum nursery has 33 permanent employees and more than 100 seasonal workers. They grow flowering outdoor shrubs and plants on an area equal to around 35 football pitches. Baum Gartenbau has been producing garden hydrangeas for a decade, and is the only German nursery that grows Magical hydrangeas for the garden. Amidst the perennials, ornamental plants and lavenders the stately Magical hydrangea stands out because of its size, and also because of the green pot.

Magical hydrangea is a valuable ornament

‘What is remarkable about these hydrangeas is that they reliably flower for 150 days, and that they even change colour several times during that period,’ explains Bernd enthusiastically. ‘That makes this compact garden hydrangea a valuable ornament on the balcony and patio, but also in the garden.’

Caring for the garden hydrangea

Magical hydrangeas are hardy and require little maintenance, apart from water and a position out of the scorching sun. The rewarding hydrangeas like some fertiliser from time to time. Bernd: ‘And effectively they flower almost until the end of the year. The colour change and the long flowering time are simply spectacular. The flower globes only really dry out late in the winter, and in the spring they are trimmed just above the new buds. The Magical garden hydrangea is simply a fantastic plant.’

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