Grower Radek: “The Magical Revolution was a real revolution for us”

Meet the grower

Grower Radek: “The Magical Revolution was a real revolution for us”

We talked to Radek on a grey Monday morning in October. “My father started the nursery some 30 years ago. My grandfather was also a grower, so it’s in the blood. We have been growing Hydrangea macrophylla for 15 years, and now have considerable experience with these plants.”

Both nursery and garden centre

“We have been growing Magicals since 2021. When I say ‘we’, I mean my parents, our eight employees and myself. We don’t just have a nursery, but also a garden centre where we sell our plants. That means we know what customers want. We understand them. Alongside Magical Hydrangeas we also grow roses, Hydrangea paniculata, conifers and various species of grasses and other perennials.”

Magicals for florists and restaurants

The nursery has a wide range of customers, continues Radek. “As well as selling to the public, we also sell large consignments to other garden centres, whereby we want to offer them the best species and varieties. We also sell a lot of Magical Hydrangeas to florists and restaurants here in Poland, for example. We therefore know the market and our product, and we spread our sales.”

Astonished by Magicals

What makes the Magical so magical? Radek explains: “When we first saw the hydrangeas from Magical, we were astonished. The flowers are so sturdy, they can tolerate both sun and rain. They really stand out in the market. We were already growing high quality plants, so Magical Hydrangeas fit perfectly within our business.”

Magical Revolution is favourite

“We only grow the garden variant Magicals in five litre pots. My favourites are the Magical Revolution, the Greenfire, the Evolution, the Coral and the Amethyst. If I had to pick just one, I would choose the Revolution, because that is where our Magical adventure started. This plant was literally a revolution for us: we were so impressed by it.”

Automation in the nursery

What does a normal year look like for a grower? Radek: “It’s very quiet here in the autumn, whilst spring and summer are super busy. In the winter we prepare for the new season, so that we can start with fresh energy again in the spring. We are thereby focusing on automation as much as possible. For example by installing a potting machine and a robot that puts the plants in the soil. Machines can also place the plants on tables when preparing orders.”

Time for hobbies in the autumn

And alongside work - is there any time left for other things? Radek: “In the summer we have hardly any time to ourselves. I really enjoy cycling - we have beautiful landscapes here - but I don’t have much time for it in the spring and summer. So I particular do that in the autumn. The rest of the year I focus on growing the best quality plants possible. Plants that sell easily and well. We are therefore delighted to be part of the Magical Hydrangea family!”