Giveaway 10 years Magical Hydrangea


Giveaway 10 years Magical Hydrangea

Promotion: Find the Magical Green Revolution

Especially for our anniversary year, our Magical growers have grown the limited edition Magical Green Revolution garden hydrangea. The main colour is green, with a white heart in the flower. It truly is a remarkable feature plant! With this Magical Green Revolution you also have the chance of winning a fantastic rainwater butt from Capi Europe worth 349 euros. Rainwater is soft and good for your plants. It also saves you from using tap water. Incidentally, did you know that the Latin name Hydrangea literally means ‘water barrel’?

How it works

During the promotion period from 1 May to 23 September, garden centres throughout Europe will receive 1000 Magical Green Revolutions. Look for this limited edition Magical at your favourite garden centre. Buy the Green Revolution, use the entry code on the plant label, and follow the instructions on our promotion page. Good luck!

Ten years of Magic and changing colours

The Magical Hydrangea adventure started in 2013. The strong garden, balcony and indoor plant blooms for some 150 days, and thereby changes colour beautifully. As a result, the plant gained more fans across Europe every year. Flowering tests over the years show that Magical garden hydrangeas are very strong. The stems remain proudly upright even in a heavy downpour, and the flowers can cope with all weathers. The indoor hydrangeas also remain a favourite because of their exceptional quality, long flowering period and - of course - the changing colours.

Where to buy

Magical Hydrangeas are available from various garden centres near you.