Extra nutrition and care for indoor hydrangeas

In addition to plenty of water, garden hydrangeas also need extra fertiliser. You can use an organic, all-purpose fertiliser, about three to four times during the flowering season. Doing this will help the hydrangea to grow into a healthy, uniformly growing and flowering plant.

Magical Hydrangeas come in different varieties for indoor and outdoor use. The Magical Revolution and Flowertree indoor hydrangeas need plenty of water, just like their outdoor friends. This is because the plant loses a lot of water through its flowers and leaves. This makes them natural humidifiers which is very healthy for you! So, treat the plant regularly with a good drink of water. Magicals also flower very happily for a long time, about 150 days. In return, you need to give the plant a little plant food every other week. You can add this liquid food to the water. Follow the instructions on the packaging for best results.