Erik grows Magical Hydrangeas for endless enjoyment

Meet the grower

Erik grows Magical Hydrangeas for endless enjoyment

Erik grows Magical Hydrangeas for endless enjoyment. The Mastergrowers, that's the name of Erik van der Valk and Robin van Dijk’s nursery. Along with their team, they team grow the Magical Hydrangea houseplants. Erik explains what makes this hydrangea so special.

Up to 150 days of flowering

'The pink and blue Magical indoor hydrangeas that we grow are not only beautiful, but they are also robust and long-lasting. Important properties, that we continue to focus on. But the most exceptional thing about the Magical is that the plant flowers for 150 days. And the flowers continue to change colour beautifully during that time.'

Pink Magicals for Mother's Day

'Mother’s Day is the most popular day for our Magical Hydrangeas. And the pink hydrangeas are particularly popular. It takes some planning to make sure the plants are at their best and on the shelves at the right time. We start to make a production schedule well in advance and adjust the flowering process slightly with light and temperature. This way we guarantee that the Magicals are in beautiful bloom just in time. And because the pink plants are so sought-after, we make sure we have extra supplies of them in the greenhouse.

Lovely long shelf life

'The wonderful thing about the Magicals is that consumers can get so much enjoyment from them for so long. I sometimes see messages from enthusiastic hydrangea fans on social media, which makes us very happy. The ever-changing colours really helps them to enjoy their indoor hydrangea for a long time. And we love to grow them for such endless enjoyment.'