DIY: make a wreath with Magical Hydrangeas

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DIY: make a wreath with Magical Hydrangeas

Fancy a fun craft project? Awaken your creative spirit and make a wreath with autumnal Magical Hydrangeas. 
Watch the hydrangea wreath video

Step 1: Requirements for the hydrangea wreath

  • Straw wreath with a 30 cm diameter
  • Clips
  • Beautiful ribbon in your favourite colour

Step 2: Cut the hydrangea flowers

Use dried hydrangeas or cut a couple of fresh globes off your garden hydrangea. Try to take them from the edge of the plant so that you don’t create any big holes in your hydrangea. Remove the leaves from the flower stems and snip the flowers loose so that they are attached to small stems.

Step 3: Make the flower wreath

  • Use the ribbon to create a loop for hanging, and attach it to the straw wreath with the clips
  • Lay the flowers on the wreath pointing in the same direction
  • Secure the flowers with the clips until the whole straw wreath is filled
  • Carefully hang the wreath and enjoy the extravagant colours

With thanks to Greenyourday

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