Bring nature’s vitality into your home and garden.

Our robust plants produce flowers whose exhilarating colours continue to change throughout their months-long blooming period. Connecting you with nature’s magic. 

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Colours that keep changing

Daylight changes the colours of the Magical hydrangea flowers.The bright shades gradually take on a romantic, autumnal glow of dark red or grey green. During a flowering season of 150 days, the flowers can display three to four shades of colour. 

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Magical, the rewarding hydrangea for the home

More than 150 days of flowering - that's what a Magical Revolution indoor hydrangea brings to your home. Add to that the health benefits of this plant and you can be sure that this hydrangea is your ideal companion. Incidentally, did you know that the hydrangea also symbolises grace and beauty? Those are definitely characteristics that should feature in any home!

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Tips for a Magical Easter

Tips for a Magical Easter

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Get everything you can out of a Magical hydrangea

Get everything you can out of a Magical hydrangea

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Where can I buy Magical hydrangeas?

Where can I buy Magical hydrangeas?

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How and when should I prune my Magical garden hydrangea?

There is really no need to prune Magical hydrangeas. Cutting off the old flower directly under the flower head is sufficient. Early spring is the perfect time to do this. The old flowers have served as protection for the new buds all this time. If you cut off the flowers in winter, you run the risk that the top of the stem will freeze, including the new buds. So, it's better to wait until spring to do this.

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